Before ‘Cool’ was Cool

Robert Konop began selling commercial refrigeration in Green Bay, WI in 1958, when the primary refrigerant used was ammonia, frames were made of wood, and single pane glass was a luxury.

Mark Konop joined Robert in 1980. While his first years were spent learning the commercial refrigeration ropes, Mark soon began building an extensive and successful refrigeration parts division. He also excels in logistics when shipping complicated orders to many different areas of the country.

International Expansion

In 1991, Robert and Mark left behind their secondary business interests to concentrate on commercial refrigeration. It was a decision they should have made long before. With their low-overhead business model, they were able to offer commercial refrigeration equipment at groundbreaking low prices. Soon Mark’s logistics expertise broke through the US borders and a successful international sales network was born.

National service contracting is a division that has that came into its own more than 10 years ago and continues to grow today. We currently handle hundreds of calls per month, along with follow-up checks so we can alert our customers when their equipment is ready to get back to work. Konop Refrigeration has grown to a full staff of refrigeration specialists who are dedicated to customer service and service coordination. If you would like to learn more, contact us today!

The Latest at Konop Refrigeration

In September 2022, following the retirement of Mark Konop after 40+ years in the business, Konop Refrigeration welcomed a new owner and President, Skye Caldie. Prior to becoming President, Skye had been with Konop Refrigeration for 12.5 years, serving in positions of increasing responsibility from Dispatcher to Supervisor and most recently, Office Manager.

Skye’s unique perspective across departments and thorough understanding of Konop Refrigeration will enable the company to grow to new heights while still providing the best service possible and maintaining the same family atmosphere with our employees and customers.

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"Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional service in a timely fashion by growing and maintaining a vast service network of technicians across the United States and Canada."
Mission Statement| Skye Caldie | Owner and President

Featured Technician

Meet Richard from ACR Mechanical. ACR Mechanical is part of the vast Konop Refrigeration, Inc. technician network, providing excellent customer service for over 10 years! Thank you for all your hard work!