When a refrigerator or freezer isn’t working, you’re not making any money! Even worse, you may be losing product.


At Konop Refrigeration, we know how critical it is that your equipment is fixed as soon as possible. Our network of service technicians will fix the problem fast and at a fair price.

  • 6,500 network service professionals in US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We also are constantly adding to our service network to ensure prompt and reliable service for all our customers.
  • Each tech is EPA-certified to work with all approved refrigerants.
  • All of our network service professionals are required to carry proper insurance.
  • All network service professionals are required to abide by repair guidelines set by Konop Refrigeration.
  • Many metropolitan areas have several service techs to ensure repairs are made as quickly as possible.
  • Fast service, even in the busy summer months
  • Full customer communication on each step of the repair process:
    • Record and log all requests for service.
    • Log repair approvals.
    • Dispatch, parts ordering, repair completion, and invoicing.
    • Our customers are ALWAYS aware of each step of the progress of the call.
  • Data program tracks call and repair history, including:
    • Progress of the call.
    • Parts needed.
    • Repair completion.
    • Invoicing.
    • History of repairs made on the case.

If you would like to put in a service request, please click here. Have questions about our service network? Contact us today!